What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy are also known as talking therapies.  The term “counselling” and “psychotherapy” are interchangeable and there are several different models. We practice Person Centred Counselling (PCC) which is recognised by the NHS.

PCC has been widely used since the 1940s and is a non-judgemental, non-directive therapy. This means that we won’t give you advice, won’t tell you what to do, and won’t judge you on what we discuss.

Right now, you might be thinking you want someone to give you answers and tell you what to do. We can appreciate this; but the reality is that you do know the answers – you may just need help and support to find them.

Under PCC, our role is to listen, facilitate and help structure your thoughts and feelings in a way that will help clarify what you’re dealing with, and how you can best find a solution. PCC focuses on you as a person, with your experiences and with your view of the world.

One of the many advantages of PCC is that you will develop confidence in your ability to handle life and cope with difficult situations – you will be developing tools and techniques which are right for you, and will stay with you for life.

Our experience of practising PCC is that it is an incredibly powerful way to enable individuals to achieve long lasting change.

What next?

Please do call us to discuss how we can help you. There’s no obligation to arrange an appointment; our initial conversation will focus on what’s going on for you right now, and how we can help you. Our number is 0741 581 4882 or we can call you back.