Confidentiality is the cornerstone of counselling. Our sessions are always confidential. We are governed by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and as a professional member of the BACP it is a requirement that counsellors regularly meet with a supervisor to discuss clients. We do not disclose your identity or any identifying information as part of this process.


If you are referred to us for counselling by a doctor, we will not disclose that you have seen us, or the content of your sessions.


If you are referred to us by your employer or their health provider, your employer may want to know how many sessions you have had and the topic of the sessions. We would only ever disclose this information to them with your express written consent and we would show you this information before sending it to your employer.

What the law says

By law, there are 3 exceptions to confidentiality. If you make us aware of any involvement in money laundering, terrorism, or an intention to seriously harm others or children, we are legally obliged to make the relevant authorities aware and disclose relevant information.

If you self-harm or are feeling suicidal

If you inform us that you self-harm, or that you are contemplating suicide, this will be kept confidential unless you ask us to inform other organisations or individuals who can also support you.